My Services


Prenatal Visits

We'll meet at least twice to get to know each other, work on your birth plan, talk about and practice some comfort measures and lots more. I will provide unlimited email and phone support throughout your final trimester leading up to labor. Starting three weeks before your due date, I will be no more than one hour away and will remain on call until you go into labor. 

Email, Text and Phone Support 

I will be available to you online throughout our time together to answer questions, check-in and offer support in the process of getting ready for baby to arrive. 

The Birth

During labor, I will be with you and your partner to provide support, relief and information. I will remain with you until a few hours after the baby is born. 


If desired, I can provide photography during labor and delivery. It can be really wonderful to look back at moments of strength and determination in labor. 

Post Partum

About a week after you give birth, we'll meet to reflect on your birth and to check in to see how breastfeeding and baby care is going.